Abstract Stone Sculpture

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"Japenese Gardens. Schedel Arboretum, Elmore, Ohio."


Moonlit Blossom

"Toledo Area Sculptors Guild award for excellence in Sculpture June 11, 2005."



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" The transformation of a person's life is a natural cycle. What we contribute to society determines one's value. This piece will be dedicated to Bowling Green State University on September 27, 2003. "

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Alone Together

" This piece depicts seclusion and intimacy in the enclosure of the rose garden. The abstract lines of the embrace allows freedom of mind. "

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Fruition II

" The supple lines of women are presented in abstract form, allows one to interpret. This piece was donated to the Greated Toledo Arts Council. "

 Fruition I

Permanent collection of Bowling Green State University Jerome Library. Donated by Dr. Rebecca C. Ferguson to Libraries and Learning
Resources, February 25th, 2000.

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