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Visit the Rose Garden at the Toledo Botanical Garden to see "Empathy", by Artist Emanuel Enriquez. This sculpture was formally dedicated on June 23, 2002, and is a gift from the family of Jim and Elsie Brower.

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Who's Up?

On the sidewalk along the St. Clair Street side of Fifth Third Field, look for a life-size bronze vignette of four young baseball enthusiasts vying for a peek through a 10 ft. "wooden" fence.

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Mayan Madonna - Bronze Replica

"I sculpted the mother oversized, not in the soft, fleshy style, but in a solid, stronger frame, broadening the shoulders and accentuating the muscles. The hair is pulled back in a neat, but intricate bun that does not obstruct the shoulders. Continuing in the overall strength, I broadened the hips to give her a solid sitting form."

Emanuel H. Enriquez

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