Dimensions: 17 " X 74" X 22"; Medium: Indiana Limestone

Price: $30,000 ; Status: Available for Sale

The front view of the "Temptress" sculpture.
The back view of the "Temptress" sculpture.

"The Temptress, a reclining female sculpture is oversized, yet sensuous and strong. The hip at the center is elevated to accent the sexuality, and again forms the pyramid shape. To balance this strong effect, the leg bends up and blocks the front view of the Temptress sculpture. At the upper part of the body the hand holds a vessel, while the face has a sublime look. The back view of the Temptress sculpture is simplified and flows with both the limbs of the female and the serpent it reclines on. The purposeful use and implication of the biblical Eve reclining on the serpent in addition to substituting the vessel for an apple, symbolizes the acceptance of the weakness and faults in my life. Temptation gives in to overindulgence and debauchery, which I believe is the continuation of mankind."

Emanuel H. Enriquez

If you would like to read Emanuel Enriquez's Master of Fine Arts thesis please click here
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