Dimensions: 76 " X 72" X 48"; Medium: Indiana Limestone

Price: $27,000 ; Status: Available for Sale

A view of "Anima" by artist Emanuel H. Enriquez.
An interior shot of the piece before it was displayed outdoors.

"The sculpture, Anima (Latin: soul), the standing sculpture depicts the fortitude I see in women; both in regard to their families and the obstacles they face in society. In Anima, although the mother carries an ambiguous bundle on her back, either a baby or provisions, she is still stepping forward while raising her skirt to do so. The skirt itself is a symbol of bondage and servitude in some societies. The woman in the sculpture moves forward with determination as she turns her head to give a glance behind her. The base and flowing blanket could be interpreted as a cloud, reminiscent of the Renaissance style of depicting holy figures. This gives the sculpture a lofty, reverent affect."

Emanuel H. Enriquez

If you would like to read Emanuel Enriquez's Master of Fine Arts thesis please click here
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