Who's Up?

Dimensions: 98 " X 120" X 43"; Medium: Bronze

Price: ---- ; Status: Mud Hen''s Fifth Third Field - Toledo, OH

A figurative close-up.

"When they see the sculpture, they'll relate baseball to their own childhood. They'll envision themselves at a time when they were that age."

Emanuel H. Enriquez

The children's faces.
The children from the left side.
The children from the right side.
A different look at the kids.
"Who's Up?" with field sign visible.
On the sidewalk along the St. Clair Street side of Fifth Third Field, look for a life-size bronze vignette of four young baseball enthusiasts vying for a peek through a 10 ft. "wooden" fence.

This bronze sculpture features a familiar Rockwellian theme of childhood, often termed the "Knothole Gang", which has roots in every city. In creating the artwork, artist Emanuel Enriquez hoped to "capture the community spirit of baseball; it's about family, it's about people." This piece was funded with a generous contribution from George and Deborah Chapman and the City of Toledo's 1% for Art Program.

- From:

The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo

Arts Focus, Fall 2002; pg. 5
A Publication of the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo

Editor, Julie Ewry


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