Mayan Madonna

Dimensions: 38 " X 28" X 27"; Medium: Gray Limestone

Price: N/A; Status: Not Available

The bronze replica of this piece is from the private collection of Edward James Olmos


"Mayan Madonna" by Emanuel H. Enriquez.
The bronze replica of "Mayan Madonna" which was presented to renown actor Edward James Olmos.

"Mayan Madonna is sitting in a familiar pose, depicting the love and affection a mother has for her child. However, wanting to go beyond the obvious and deeper into the strength of the mother herself with less emphasis on the baby. I sculpted the mother oversized, not in a Reuben's soft, fleshy style, but in a solid, stronger frame, broadening the shoulders and accentuating the muscles. The hair is pulled back in a neat, but intricate bun that does not obstruct the shoulders. Continuing in the overall strength, I broadened the hips to give her a solid sitting form. The base and sculpture are one piece that roughly resembles a pyramid, creating a metaphor for strength and stability. "

Emanuel H. Enriquez

If you would like to read Emanuel Enriquez's thesis of this piece please click here
For the public presentation of the bronze replica of this piece click here.
If you would like to read the actual article from La Prena about the presentation of the bronze replica to Olmos please click here.
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